Donation Requests


Thank you for your interest in the Iowa Energy. We are committed to working with Central Iowa communities to generate a positive impact by supporting schools and registered charities in the region via in-kind donations. We proudly assist as many non -profit organizations in Iowa as we can, especially those that support youth, families and education. Unfortunately it is impossible for us to donate to every requesting group.

Please see below for information on requirements and procedures for submitting a request for in-kind support.

•Only requests from schools and registered non-profits will be considered.
•The organization or fundraising event must be based within 100 miles of Des Moines, Iowa. Priority is given to Des Moines-area schools, hospitals and non-profit organizations.
•All requests must be received at least 6 weeks prior to the event date or date in which the item is needed in hand for planning/print obligations.

•Donations are subject to availability.
•Due to the volume of requests, we must limit donations to one per calendar year for each organization.
•Requests for monetary donations, sponsorships or autographed memorabilia will not be considered.

Processing Requests:

•All requests must be submitted via email to the address below.
•An Energy representative will respond via email, so please include a valid email address and contact information on your request. Any donated items will be mailed shortly thereafter, or pick-up information will be provided.
•Due to the high volume of requests received, please do NOT call to inquire about the status of your request.


ALL requests must include the donation request form above and be emailed to: iowaenergydonations@gmail.com